The Library Dioramas of Marc Giai-Miniet

Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture3 Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture9Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture4

These aren’t photos of bisected buildings. Rather, they’re the carefully constructed dioramas of artist Marc Giai-Miniet.  His little libraries inhabit multi-storied buildings, perfectly suitable for us bookish nerds.  However, many of his pieces almost seem to be hiding something sinister.  The floors become darker, dirtier, more utilitarian the deeper they are in the building.  Soot stained boiler rooms occupy the basement floors along with objects long forgotten.  Perhaps the entire structure is a metaphor for the mind in a way: the diligent ego among the book lined floors and the unconscious hidden down in the dingy cellar.

Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture1 Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture2 Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture5 Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture7 Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture8 Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture10 Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture11 Marc Giai- Miniet sculpture6

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