Felice Varini’s Huge Installations Are All About Your Point Of View

Felice Varini installation5 Felice Varini installation6

For artist Felice Varini it’s all about your point of view.  Varini takes this idea to its extremely literal conclusion.  From the perfect perspective his painted geometric shapes seem to float in front of your eyes.  However, in reality Varini works hard to make only appear this way.  In reality his pieces are huge, cover entire structures (at times multiple buildings), and carefully prepared to be seen from a precise viewpoint.  His large optical illusions underscore the subjective nature of art – it’s all about your point of view.

Felice Varini installation2 Felice Varini installation3 Felice Varini installation4 Felice Varini installation7 Felice Varini installation8 Felice Varini installation10 Felice Varini installation9 Felice Varini installation1


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