Antonia Basler’s Surreal Photoshopped Family Photos

Antonia Basler photography9 Antonia Basler photography3

Antonia Basler photography2

Photographer Antonia Basler‘s series Content Aware makes use of a Photoshop tool of the same name.  The content aware tool is used to erase objects from images and replace the space with content the program judges to be appropriate.  Basler’s series begins with old family photos.  She’s highlighted the faces of the photo’s subjects and applied the tool, then highlighted the inverse and applied the tool for a second image.  The resulting images are a cyber sort of surreal, like a creepy reality glitch.  [via]

Antonia Basler photography8 Antonia Basler photography11 Antonia Basler photography5 Antonia Basler photography10 Antonia Basler photography6 Antonia Basler photography7 Antonia Basler photography1 Antonia Basler photography4

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    probably is a novice user of PS