The Political Sculptures of Afruz Amighi

AFRUZ AMIGHI was born in Tehran, Iran and is now based out of New York. Amighi uses her sculpture work to blend art and politics. In her recent exhibition’s “Cages” and “The Hidden State” she explores the turmoil of the middle-east.
In her work “Cages”, she reflects the tumultuous the political and social history of Iran. “Amighi casts her unique perspective into the confines of Iranian social, political and cultural institutions through incorporating cage-like features into several works made from base metal chain, aluminum sheet metal and wire. The alluring and provoking facades reveal a power to ensnare and entrap, creating a realm in which violence and tranquility collide.”
She hangs these in different fighting formations. “Mocking ornate chandeliers with their allusions to missiles and bullets, their numerical configuration represents the number of test missiles launched by the Islamic Republic of Iran over the past two years.”
In “the Hidden State”, Amighi emulates the middle-eastern architecture of monuments, mosque and palaces with woven polyethylene, the material used to construct refugee tents. The lace-like designs are cut out of the polyethylene based on traditional patterns but replaced by the artist’s own symbolism: “The chandelier and the butterfly replace the traditional imagery of the candle and the moth. Peacock feathers,symbolizing pride, are transformed into daggers spearing a human heart, thus obstructing its path towards selflessness.”
The artist goes on to state about her work: “Through architectural depictions, the distance between monument and camp breaks down as one form gains what the other has lost. Illusions of power lose their stronghold.”

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