!ND!V!DUALS’ Playful And Larger Than Life Scrap Wood Sculptures




Using salvaged materials Boston based artist collective !ND!V!DUALS  create sculptural installations occupied by large-scale or life-size characters and creatures that are influenced by 1990’s cartoons, animations, and film set designs. Creatures and anthropomorphic beasts have been the focus of work as well as an interest in creating environments and transformative art experiences. The narratives are fairly open, but encourage viewers to be transported into the world of there humorous and playful sculptures. (via)

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24_fullrug 10_08oldmanlizard 10_04birdballin02 10_03birdball01 10_02captaintodd 10_01bison

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  • rough salvaged wood does look animated and monstrous.. really into the deeper ‘animal trophies’ -hilarious*!