Joe Fig’s Incredible Miniature Sculptures Of Artists In Their Studios

joe fig sculpturejoe fig sculpture

joe fig sculpture

New York based painter and sculptor Joe Fig has been featured on our site many times before but I was surprised to find that we had never posted his gorgeous miniature diorama’s of artist studios. Joe Fig has meticulously sculpted everyones studios from contemporary artists such as Ryan Mcginness to everyones favorite Ab/Exer Jackson Pollock. Let’s all thank Mr.Fig for taking it upon himself to document and preserve the rarely seen artists workspace for all of us to snoop around and enjoy. (via)

joe fig sculpture joe fig sculpture joe fig sculpture joe fig sculpture joe fig sculpture joe fig sculpture

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  • Joe Fig’s book Inside The Painter’s Studio is my absolute favorite book that I own. The spine is so worn from constant reading — I might consider buying another one just to keep pristine. Whenever I get in a rutt, I crawl through one of those interviews and try to ween out some new working method or idea to play with myself. I’d reccommend it for any person or artist in particular who is interested in painters who still happen to be alive.

  • floored

    I just can’t believe it ,here we go again , ALL MEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual the women artists are completely ignored .