Mark Mulroney at Mixed Greens

Mark Mulroney- Mixed Media Mark Mulroney- Mixed MediaMark Mulroney- Mixed Media Mark Mulroney is currently showing new work at Mixed Greens in Chelsea. The exhibition, entitled We’re Never Getting Rescued With That Attitude, features paradisiacal scenery created with graphite and acrylic applied to both found book paper and carved wood panel, respectively. In addition to reading Gauguin’s letters from Tahiti, studying Tarzan imagery, and internalizing clichéd tropical sunsets, Mulroney investigated 30-years-worth of Playboy and Penthouse magazines in preparation for the show. Click past the jump for some installation views, and check it out in person before April 20th. Mark Mulroney- Mixed Media 130214EFrossard_MGrns_MMlrney_9340 Mark Mulroney- Mixed Media 130214EFrossard_MGrns_MMlrney_9334 130214EFrossard_MGrns_MMlrney_9325 Mark Mulroney- Mixed Media Mark Mulroney- Mixed Media 130214EFrossard_MGrns_MMlrney_9302

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