The Surveyor Tape Installations of Megan Geckler

megan geckler installation1 megan geckler installation2

The slick site specific installations of Megan Geckler beam and bounce of walls like lasers.    Her installations’ ultra clean geometric forms and bright colors nearly hide the personal quality to the work.  The plastic rays are actually made of flagging tape – the kind you find just off the sidewalk typically used by surveyors.  Her installations intentionally bounce between art and design, industrial and hand made, cold and personal.  Also, just as her work shifts conceptually, it also shifts in shape from angle to angle.  Strands at one angle interact with strands at other angles as a viewer moves through the space. [via]

megan geckler installation3 megan geckler installation11 megan geckler installation4 megan geckler installation9 megan geckler installation7 megan geckler installation10 megan geckler installation8 megan geckler installation6 megan geckler installation5

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