Pantone Colors, Typography And Pop Culture Collide In Panto’ N’ Roll

pantonrollCHICARTISTICsite1 pantonrollCHICARTISTICsite3

Chic & Artistic is a Paris based multi-disciplined creative studio working in a wide array of mediums and styles. Their Panto’ N’ Roll series caught my eye and immediately made me chuckle. Mixing pop culture references, typography and Pantone color chips, they have created a humorous word/image association game for all of us to enjoy. (via)


pantonrollCHICARTISTICsite2pantonrollCHICARTISTICsite4 pantonrollCHICARTISTICsite5 pantonrollCHICARTISTICsite6 pantonrollCHICARTISTICsite7 pantonrollCHICARTISTICsite8

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  • jason

    the fonts used on the chip are different and not the same color. Can’t tell if thats intentional or not. Doesn’t look ilke it but I assume it is being that its coming from a design studio.

  • Xavier

    I…don’t get it. Like what is trying to day, if it is trying to say anything?

  • Xavier