The Cosmetic Surgery Dream/Nightmare of Jan Manski

The series of work from Polish artist Jan Manski is aptly titled Onania – an archaic term for masturbation.  The life-sized installations focus on ideas of vanity and hedonism.  Dominated by a fleshy shade of pink, Manski seems to ambiguously address a cultural obsession with pleasure while neither condemning nor condoning it.  Manski contrasts materials such as fat, leather, bones and fur with surgical steel, enamel, clothing, and cosmetics.  Onania manages to repulse and be aesthetically pleasing – mesmerizing like a botched medical procedure.

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  • I understand this is art, but I disagree that it neither condemns nor condones. Art should make a statement, unfortunately this statement is a bit to disturbing for me!

    Dr Rhys Branman

    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center