Shelley Miller’s Cake Icing Graffiti

Montreal based artist Shelley Miller challenges the rough and gritty world of graffiti with her cake icing graffiti. Instead of the usual tags and throw ups Miller brings to the streets a delicate floral touch more likely to be found on triple decker wedding cake from the victorian era.

What makes Miller’s work even more interesting is that her pieces don’t just look like cake frosting but actually are cake frosting! This adds another layer of interest as these intensely ornate pieces disappear and melt off the walls almost as fast as they go up. See more of her works below and check out this great blog post documenting one of her more elaborate pieces as it fades away due to the elements.  (via)


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  • DunFooo

    OK you have to admit that is pretty slick dude. Wow.

  • Bridget

    i am utterly over the moon with love for this. love love love. it might even replace this as my new favorite non-traditional-street-art (though it’s neck and neck).

  • I’m glad I got to see this unconventional approach to street art–that’s a lot of frosting and I guess the real end product are the photos, which are amazing.