Annita Maslov’s Brooding Illustrations Done With Pen On Paper- Skulls, Roses, and Pupil-less Ladies


Tasty illustration work from Melbourne artist Annita Maslov. You gotta love the pen and paper approach. It’s so direct- you can almost feel the labor involved in every calculated line and stippled shadow. And Maslov’s subject matter fits well with her inky media of choice. Dark and brooding, the images sort of require drawing’s organic touch to stave off a cold, disconnected vibe. I’m pretty sure things would turn out okay if I never saw a vector skull presented as “art” again. If you’re doing stuff like this, then, well, do it like this. Please.









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  • damn, the second and last ones are sick.

  • Frank Zhang

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  • Sean

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  • Kimmy D

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  • Slutty McFuck

    Not that you can afford to tip.

  • Anny Nonymous.

    Btw. Nice drawings.

  • Anik Saha

    hey excellent pictures