Arabic Graffiti from Tunisian Artist eL Seed


eL Seed is a Tunisian artist who writes graff in arabic. His work is often socially aware- he recently completed a large piece in his home country that translates to “Oh humankind, we have created you from a male and a female and made people and tribes so you may know each other.” The phrase, a verse from the Quran, was used to “convey a message of mutual respect, tolerance, and dialogue in a country brimming with countless possibilities.” And last November, he did a wall that read “this is just a phrase in Arabic” as part of a commentary on Western prejudice and misunderstanding of Middle Eastern culture. Pretty solid skills to top it all off as well.














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  • Michelle

    This is awesome; clever and aesthetic. However, in totallitarian regimes free speech like this and calls for peace and unity are forbidden. I bet this guy will change his artwork, unless he’s moving to live in the U.S.

  • Janice Cho-Chu

    And how exactly do you know “this guy will change his artwork”? Do you have some kind of inside information you’d like to share? Are you expecting Ai Weiwei to change his artwork really soon? I think you should pipe down and keep your uninformed comments to yourself.

  • Samuel

    it seems like A1one? or it is very similar to A1one From IRAN. Is it a copy or the same artist?

  • magiff

    A better version of A1one’s work 😉

  • magiff

    Check his work in the U.S, still the same

  • ggggggggggggggggggggggg

    i do not agree with what he is doing .