Kansas City Library Parking Garage Transformed Into Giant Books

Located in the heart of Kansas City, this project represents one of the pioneer projects behind the revitalization of Downtown KC. The iconic book bindings clad the outside of the parking structure for the new downtown library and help solidify the building as the cornerstone to the new Library District. Designed by Dimensional Innovations, local residents got to vote on which books would appear on the libraries facade. (via)





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  • The part that always amuses me is that the book spines were photographed at the Rare Books Room of the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City. Then the chosen titles were Photoshopped in as needed.


  • kaye williams

    I think this would be wonderful!! Would loe to see it happen!

  • Keith M

    Kaye, what do you mean you’d love to see it happen? It happened. It was built a few years ago. I happened upon it on one of my last trips to KC and it’s really cool.

  • F. Jahangir

    If anyone else is as sceptical of this as I was – check it on google street view, it’s real!