Victoria Reynolds’ Scary Paintings of Meat



It’s obvious that Victoria Reynolds is a skilled artist, but I personally don’t really see why anyone would want one of her paintings in their home or collection. They are scary and seem to promote a kind of negative energy that only a butcher or serial killer could be attracted to. But then again maybe that’s what she’s going for – that niche market of rich collectors who also have rooms full of dead bodies and future victims. (via)








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  • Alicia

    This is my first time looking at the beautiful decay website so I don’t know if you’re just joking when you said that you don’t know who would want to own this work, other than a serial killer. Isn’t it amazing to experience art that is a little dangerous/repulsive/strange? I imagine that is the point of a lot of the work in something called “beautiful decay.” I’m certainly not a serial killer but I am seduced by these paintings…I would have the first painting in my bedroom!

  • Alicia

    the second painting in my bedroom, I mean. The first painting would go in my bathroom obviously.

  • i think these are beautiful…. not scary. i would hope some collectors are interested in buying work that’s cerebral and different…..and not buy work just because it matches their couch

  • As the founder of Beautiful/Decay I do have to chime in and say that I actually love Victoria’s work. Daniel may find the work a bit scary but I personally enjoy a bit of tension in my art.

  • zab judah

    Alicia – clearly you’re a deviant. Call me.

  • Vicky Reynolds

    I’d PERSONALLY rather see brown paintings of primates blinking quizzically at themselves (with highlit temples). Or squirrels holding nuts, toothless drooling baby pics, top-heavy pole dancers, or baseball-bat-cudgel-wielding muscle-bound athletic heroes tenderly placing roses on ebony and ivory keys, with hummingbirds hovering in the background.

  • I think they’re gorgeous! The ones in the black frames are lush 🙂

  • the butcher

    Guess it is just not made for you… I found it soooo beautiful

  • Tilda

    That’s because you have no taste.