Rebecca Manson’s ceramic sculptures have a life of their own

Rebecca Manson sent me a text message not too long ago with an image of a unicycle she had just sculpted and an accompanying message that read, “Here’s a sneak peek, his name is Peter.” It was adorable and part of an exhibit she had created at CSULB. But then moments later my phone rang, “Daniel” she said in horror, “the main sculpture in my exhibit just broke.”

“Not Peter?” I asked.


Phew. It was a different piece, but still damn! She had been working months on it and then it just collapsed in an instant. However, it may have been for good reason. Since, when I went down to Cal State Long Beach to check out her installation, Heart of Darkness, everything seemed perfectly in its place. The exhibit featured her ceramic sculptures with the addition of Crayola clay adornments, which trick your eyes into thinking the entirety of her solid works are soft to the touch.


















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