Aaron Noble Mojado Mural Unveilng & Exhibit – May 24th Los Angeles

Beautiful/Decay is proud to present B/D Cover Artist Alumni and talented artist Aaron Nobel’s newest mural and exhibit in Los Angeles. Known for his comic book reconstructions, Aaron’s newest mural in the hip Melrose and Heliotrope intersection of Los Angeles measures at the over 30 x 50 feet!

To celebrate the unveiling of the mural Synchronicity Space (directly across the street from the mural) will be holding a three day exhibition of drawings and paintings by Aaron. The show and mural unveiling kicks off on May 24th from 6-10pm with a set by DJ BlackRainbow and refreshments.  Read more about the mural and see an assortment of Aaron’s work after the jump.

As is normal for Noble’s work, the mural is a highly energized semi-abstraction welded together from familiar-seeming comic book parts. As Noble explains,

“The title, Mojado, has a double reference. First the work is literally painted ‘wet’, with color and texture created partly through long drips of color poured down the wall, and secondly the title alludes to the theme of border crossing (‘mojado’ is the more polite Spanish translation of the English slur ‘wetback’). Since the piece is on the back wall of Eric Berg’s Early California Antiques I thought it should have an aged patina, like the stuff he sells. I also wanted to pay tribute, in my science-fictional way, to REALLY early California, pre-Colombian California, so I’ve embedded a design based on the Nahuatl pictographs for ‘River’, ‘Motion’, and ‘Drum’.  It looks like a pattern etched onto an alien spacecraft. One way to read the work is to imagine that it depicts an entity that is somehow crossing into our dimension from the past and the future simultaneously.”


Synchronicity Space Los Angeles
713 N. Heliotrope
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Thursday May 24th from 6-10pm featuring a set by DJ BlackRainbow

Exhibition hours (Three Days Only!): 1pm to 7pm Thurs-Sat, May 24-26

Beautiful/Decay Issue: N featuring cover artwork and exclusive article with Aaron Noble. Available here.


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