Adam Parker Smith Comic Interventions And Alterations

Whether its an image of a pizza with a phalic sausage sticking out of it or a large mural of ornate pattern made out of plastic flowers and cheap snack food the art work of Adam Parker Smith has a tongue in cheek comic conceptual approach that will make you think, laugh, and say “why didn’t I think of that” all at once. I especially love his tapestries made out of hundreds of friendship bracelets. See these and more after the jump.

This Side of Paradise (I Lost All My Money in the Great Depression and All I Got Was This Room)
This three-dimensional wall treatment for a former bedroom at the Andrew Freeman Home underscores the fact that the “wealth” that manifested itself here was in fact an illusion, created for the comfort of its residents. The greatly enlarged pattern emulates a traditional wallpaper motif, and is articulated with an array of plastic flowers and fruit, varnished baked goods, elegantly wrapped hard candies, jelly beans, and costume jewelry. While the materials allude to opulence, they are purchased inexpensively at a dollar store. There is cheery hopefulness to the arrangement that suggests both optimism in the midst of loss, and the absurdity of keeping up a good facade.












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