SUZANNE JONGMANS Uses Packing Materials To Recreate Old Master Paintings

Referring to both vulnerability and impermanence, Suzanne Jongmans’ investigates the texture and feel of both the present and past. Since 2007 she has been working on the series ‘foam sculptures’: caps and collars, inspired by 16th and 17th century Flemish and Dutch “Golden Age” paintings, made from materials currently used for packaging and insulation (cheap material which is often discarded after use). By using these materials Jongmans makes a reference to consumerism and the rapid circulation of materials.  Jongman transforms old costumes into new plastics and old masters into new photographic works. By using time foreign materials, plastics and techno’s, she is creating a time crux, a tension of time for all of us to enjoy.








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  • Penelope Swabey-Phillips

    But is it art? Most definatly – bravo!

  • Absolutely, amazing. Beautiful and stunning!

  • ivan arsiandi


  • Another Shirt Ruined

    Those are beautiful! The text needs some proofing, though.