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Beautiful/Decay is honoring its DIY zine roots by teaming up with 5 artists from around the country to bring you their limited edition zines. Mailed exclusively to Beautiful/Decay subscribers, each copy of Beautiful/Decay Book:8 will come complete with

it’s very own zine. Each B/D subscriber will receive a different zine blind packed into their issue. These zines are not available in stores, only B/D subscribers will receive them. Subscribe today to make sure you get your hands on one of these exclusive zines. Read about the talented zine makers after the jump and click on the subscribe link to reserve your copy of Beautiful/Decay Book:8 with the limited edition zine today!

The Zine Makers

Daniel Rolnik’s The King

Daniel Rolnik is LA’s most adorable art critic. His unique writing style, which is void of pretensions, features a lexicon one can easily fall into without needing a dictionary to understand. And his enthusiasm for art doesn’t just lightly tap the surface of his paragraphs, but rather knocks them down and makes them sting. Never one to rest, Daniel has recently released his debut zine entitled THE KING. It’s a succinct and entertaining read about how to manipulate the art world based upon his careful observations. Truth be told, it’s equal parts satire and actuality, thus making it a wickedly biting joyride that the devil on your shoulder won’t be able to put down and the angel above you can’t resist peeking at. And it’s fast becoming a secret weapon in every artist’s arsenal.

Emilio Santoyo’s Eat Them All

Emilio Santoyo lives and works in California as a freelance illustrator/designer/professional human. The work that he produces comes from a combination of a well trained hand giving the pieces rhythm within the works and an heart. Giving him a rare and unique voice that stands apart. Inspired by animation, junkyards, modes of transportation, movies that he watches multiple times, and the joys and events of life. Each project becomes a research project in which both the viewer and Emilio love.
Written on an empty stomach and drawn with bad wrists, Eat em all is a warning to beware of the drafters lurking behind you, waiting for you to slip. This zine is not meant to live on bookshelves but rather be unfolded and hung up on your walls.

Lyndsey Lesh’s Where Are You

Lyndsey Lesh is an artist and freelance illustrator living in Los Angeles, California.  She enjoys making art inspired by the heart of a situation, also humor.  The end result is work that maintains degrees of soft-spoken sensitivity even as it pulls off a world-weary view.  Lyndsey is a trained illustrator graduating from MCAD, and has shown work in Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, and Amsterdam.  Where Are You is metaphorically about the “mystery time” that occurs when you haven’t really seen or spoken to someone in a long time.  It’s an interpretation of time passing between two friends that live far apart from each other and for miscellaneous reasons can’t go see each other but still wonder what it would be like to voyage the long distance to go see them, and what will happen when they find each other again.

Robert Tapley Bustamante’s Monkey Azz Love

Ridiculously ill prolific artist & designer Robert Tapley Bustamante likes to create soul stirring emotional landscapes that are best described as “beautifully disturbing”. In his world love has nothing to do with flowers or velvet tongued niceties, but rather more about protecting love from everyday would be emotional enemies. Robert’s most recent work and solo show is affectionately called Monkey Azz Love… a visual feast of debauchery questioning whether our monkey azzes are evolving or devolving. Monkey Azz Love was expanded into zine form for Beautiful/Decay’s Book 8.

Crummy House’s Arsenic And Old Lace
Crummy House is a collaborative, art project based in Austin, Texas. The team is comprised of designers, photographers and artists working on projects with like-minded individuals to produce limited-edition zines and artworks. Currently, the team consists of three members: Mason McFee, Jessica Clark and Jackie Young, all artists living in Austin. The members work independently, collaborating on their choice of projects and when possible, team up on larger scale projects, including but not limited to parties, mix-tapes, window displays and much more. In this limited-edition of 50 zines sent to Beautiful/Decay, Crummy House worked with Drew Lakin and Kevin Munoz, two designers living and working in Austin.The zine was made by each featured artist sending in a selected group of work; photographs, drawings, designs and other artwork. Crummy House added to and subtracted from their original works to create the artwork seen in the issue.

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