ADAM NIKELWICZ Sausage Sculptures & Oil Paint Covered Sliced Bread

Monument to Borscht

 A hermetically sealed canning jar containing a piece of sausage that is shaped into the sign of infinity

Adam Niklewicz creates humorous and poetic conceptual sculptures that reference his Polish heritage, his life long love affair with art ( He ate paint as a high school student), and his enginuity to create everything from an infinity sign to a working recorder out of Polish sausage. These and more projects by Adam can be seen after the jump.


This piece is was inspired by an act by the artist when he was in high school. One day he spread orange oil paint on a piece of bread and ate a large chunk of it. This adolescent act was a measure of his fascination with painting and art in general. By recreating this “action” as an adult Niklewicz has reconfirmed his love and fascination for art.




 fully functional kaleidoscopes made out of 2007 editions of Art Forum and Art In America magazines

A fully functional recorder made out of Polish sausage


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