Woolly Pocket Presents: Lee Kwang-Ho

Korean Artist Lee Kwang-Ho portraits of cacti, succulents and other plants take a deeper look at the living objects around us that we take for granted. Lee’s work recalls that of Georgia O’Keefe’s in the way that their zoomed-in focus creates abstractions and make us look at these objects in a different way. Lee’s ability to capture light and movement while maintaining a soft focus on the subject gives the paintings an ethereal, dream-like quality.

We here at B/D, living in Southern California, have a deep appreciation for the alien beauty of cacti and succulents that Lee portrays. Surrounding yourself with these ‘creatures’ is made easier with the aid of an innovative urban gardening product like Woolly Pocket. Made to go indoors or out Woolly Pocket can give any space life by bringing vertical gardening to your walls.

Woolly Pocket also gives back to the community with their Woolly School Gardens project that connects schools looking to start a garden with community members looking to support their efforts. Visit Woolly School Garden and find a school near you to sponsor. Help the next generation find their appreciation for thoughtful living through design.





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