The Big Dig- A hole Dug From Germany To China

Some ideas are so ridiculous that you have to make them a reality. For instance Berlin’s Open Urban Space design team Topotek1, asked the question “what if we dug a hole all the way to china?” This simple but absurd question lead to the creation of The Big Dig, an overzealous dig whose opening emerges  in the 2011 XI’AN garden show. This massive installation not only looks amazing but also had a clever audio component that further drove home the concept. Riffing off the megaphone like shape of the hole Topotek1 created a soundtrack of sounds from Argentina, The United States, Sweden, and Germany that would emit from the hole creating the feeling that you could hear sounds from the other end of the hole. These soundtracks piqued the imagination of the visitors, transferring them away from china, away from the garden, away from the hole, and to the other side of the world. ( via jobs wife)


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