Peter Land

Copenhagen based artist Peter Land works in a wide variety of media from painting to video to sculpture but my favorite works of his are these amazing large scale sculptures that remind me of childhood stories gone wrong.




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Fiona Rae’s Layered Abstractions

Fiona Rae has developed a complex, powerful and highly individual body of work. Employing a battery of painterly marks, graphic signs and symbols, her paintings explore the profusion of our visual and material culture and take us on an exhilarating ride through the possibilities of paint. In recent work the mood is ambiguous – flowers, hearts and cartoon characters might imply a sweet, almost cloying world, yet Rae’s dark and brooding palette, combined with virtuoso washes and veils of paint, evoke dissolution and decay. The paintings seem to suggest the seductions, contradictions and disappointments of contemporary life and culture.

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Artist Interview: Adam Roth

What sets Adam Roth apart from other illustrators is that you can actually go beyond the initial surface-level awesomeness of his pieces. For example, the burger warrior above is rad as hell, right? However, it’s not just that. It’s also got Adam’s pain, joy, and personal nature infused into it, making it more of a fine artwork then just a cartoon rendering of a cheeseburger gladiator. To most of us, action figures were toys we played with as children just for fun. Yet, to Adam Roth, they mean so much more, as you’ll find out in the interview below. They’re his muses. They’re his models. And they’re part of the reason Adam is one of the most unique artists I’ve come across in Los Angeles. So, in order to give you a full spectrum of his world, I’ve carefully curated the following images so you’re not just seeing Adam’s paintings, but you’re also getting a glimpse at the toys in his collection that inspire many of his works. Adam will be featured in the  upcoming exhibit VOID: In the Nether Regions, which opens on April 12th [2012] at Homeroom Gallery in Los Angeles.


Spirit, 2012
6 x 8 inches, Gouache on paper $225

Ladies Ride, 2012
6 x 8 inches, Gouache on paper $200

Welcome to this weeks offering of Click To Collect, Beautiful/Decay’s campaign to help art lovers start their collection of original artists works at affordable prices. This week we bring you California native Emilio Santoyo whose boldly colored gouache paintings on paper take you on a neon fantasy through the galaxy that lives within the artist mind. Strap on a helmet, jump on your moped, and ride off into the work of our good pal Emilio and add a bit of color to your drab walls. Read more about the work, see the entire list of available works, and find out more about Click To Collect after the jump!

Caroline Larsen’s Painted Needle Point

These may look like your grandma’s needle point but they are in fact made entirely out of paint! Mixing a pixilated kind of neo-impressionist pointillism with the idea of textile weaving, Caroline Larsen‘s paintings are beautifully simple and yet hard to figure out. Her technique with oil paint is so expertly peculiar her viewer can be tempted to spend their time simply trying to figure out how she does it; this however, is a mistake, because her technique, impressive as it is, is fused to her subject matter in an inseparable way. Although her work balances formal interests with subjective ones, she invests fully in her imagery, culling series from her lived experience and most tenacious memories. Her current exhibition at Angell Gallery, P.A.N.A.M.A. R.E.N.A., records a strange and
menacing number of massive cargo ships, seen by the artist on her travels, notably in the Panama Canal. Reduced by her painting to pattern, surface and color but sacrificing little in terms of ability to reference the world (with all of its implications of economic and
environmental issues), these works are finally, simply of transportation machines hugely beyond our human scale. What they are about is the way those things affect us when we confront them.

Cedric Laquieze’s Flower Skeletons



Cedric Laquieze creates incredible creatures out of the odd combination of animal skulls and flowers. The result is gorgeously grotesque and incredibly haunting.

Falk Gernegross’ Magic Realism- NSFW

Falk Gernegross’s paintings are executed in the style of Magic Realism, calling forth the likes of such great artists as George Tooker, Alex Colville and Tony Phillips. His figures are often depicted nude with bodies that are polished and sculpted like marble. Soft, contrasted shadows envelop his subjects against a simple, bright hue of color; other times the painting’s surroundings are full of wooded forests, sunny beaches, and lakes. His work is painted in a way that is flat yet realistic, and projects a fluid exchange of feelings that range between awkwardness and eroticism.

Falk Gernegross’s work is represented by Galerie Kleindienst in Germany.