Caroline Larsen’s Painted Needle Point

These may look like your grandma’s needle point but they are in fact made entirely out of paint! Mixing a pixilated kind of neo-impressionist pointillism with the idea of textile weaving, Caroline Larsen‘s paintings are beautifully simple and yet hard to figure out. Her technique with oil paint is so expertly peculiar her viewer can be tempted to spend their time simply trying to figure out how she does it; this however, is a mistake, because her technique, impressive as it is, is fused to her subject matter in an inseparable way. Although her work balances formal interests with subjective ones, she invests fully in her imagery, culling series from her lived experience and most tenacious memories. Her current exhibition at Angell Gallery, P.A.N.A.M.A. R.E.N.A., records a strange and
menacing number of massive cargo ships, seen by the artist on her travels, notably in the Panama Canal. Reduced by her painting to pattern, surface and color but sacrificing little in terms of ability to reference the world (with all of its implications of economic and
environmental issues), these works are finally, simply of transportation machines hugely beyond our human scale. What they are about is the way those things affect us when we confront them.



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  • Martin Reeds

    Caroline Larsen has shamelessly ripped off Sasha Pierce. Pierce’s is Art with a capital A.
    Larsen’s is nothing but crude living-room fluff.

  • Hi martin,
    sorry but i don’t see the similarity. I think there is enough room for two painters in the world

  • I agree with Amir. Sasha Pierces medium is different, as well as the subject matter.

  • Margaret

    Same media, vastly different point of view from Pierce. Just because there is sewing involved does not mean it’s a rip-off.