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Timothy Buwalda’s Smashed Cars As a Metaphor for Painting

 Smashed car crash paintings by Timothy Buwalda.

“My paintings deal with both the formal aspects of painting and the concept of the imagery.  I always want them to reference each other. How the painting is built and previous layers discarded is similar to how the cars are crashed and need to be fixed or left in their state. This can be broadened to speak to the choices we make at every moment, and the quiet consequences that are left.”

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This Collage Is A Puzzler

Kent Rogowski’s Love = Love series of puzzle collages are created by taking out the flowers and skies  of over 60 store bought puzzles and combining them to form a series of spectacular landscapes. Although puzzle pieces are unique and can only fit into one place within a puzzle they are interchangeable within a brand.

20,000 LEGO’s Descending A Staircase

I absolutely love it when architecture thinks outside the box. That’s why the work of I-Beam Design on this NYC loft is so brilliant. The home owners wanted to bring a bit of their 10 year old sons personality into the lofts design so what better way than with staircase built out of 20,000 LEGO’s! Collaborating with LEGO master Sean Kenney the staircase is inspired by the paintings of Mondrian with the artists signature colors cheme and cut out holes with a flow of intensifying color going up and down the staircase. (via intralld)

The Falling Garden


Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger’s falling garden installation at the 5oth Venice Biennial in 2003 took a normal garden and exploded it into millions of floating pieces of debris.Installed in the Church of San Stae on the grand Canal, visitors were invited to lie on a circular bed under the doge’s tomb and stare up into the garden in the sky.

Street Art In The Woods- Not By Bansky



It seems that anytime someone finds a strange piece of art out in public the first thing they think is that Banksy was the culprit. This seemed to be the case when three strange and mystical wood carvings popped up in the woods of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, UK. Carved into tree stumps these weren’t amateur carvings by stoned teenagers partying in the woods. With ornate details and precise craftsmanship any wood smith would be proud to call these their own. The Daily Mail caused an uproar stating that the pieces were carved by everyone’s favorite street art mystery man Banksy. However after some investigation by the BBC it was revealed that that the work was done by Tommy Craggs, who was commissioned by the person who owns the land that the sculptures were found on. Not sure why the Daily Mail didn’t start with checking who owned the land before going Bansky crazy but who’s got time to fact check when you could be selling some papers with phony headlines. 

105 Pariis

105 Pariis is the portfolio of  Dusseldorf, Germany based designer Enis Maksutovski. Enis effortlessly changes gears across a wide array of mediums from video, illustration, and photography with ease bringing us candy coated visuals that pack a powerful punch. More of his works after the jump.

Evan Meister

Evan Meister‘s drawings have a certain Old New York feel to them- a dark past (or future) referenced through shrewd hieroglyphs. I always find myself trying to read his work like a comic strip in an unknown language- where the punchline is Evan’s perfect balance of technical skill and engaging originality.