Shane McAdams’ Ballpoint Pen Paintings

Shane McAdams abstract and landscape paintings are created with a mix of acrylic paint, resin, and your average ballpoint pen ink cartridges. McAdams takes ink from the pen cartridges and pours them onto the canvas surface, blowing on the ink to create the streaks of color. But the experimental nature of his works doesn’t stop there. He then subjects his works to the powerful lights of a tanning salon which cause a chemical reaction to the pen ink which then creates the tie dyed streaked effect.The result is a world unique to McAdams where the natural and the artificial collide to create spectacular visions of a utopian and hyper colored future.


(via today tomorrow)

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  • it’s a really cool effect. the paintings are great. but that suntan lamps do this to ink is not a good endorsement for what they do to skin. i’d love to hear the back story on how he wound up first putting a drawing/painting into a tanning bed.

  • That’s an amazing technique. But what makes it great is that he keeps it from becoming gimmicky but using it in a subtle way contrasted against the precision of the drawing. Nice work.