Musical Rain Gutters Wall

Artist always need to make their homes different. We collect designer furniture, find old design treasures at flea markets and estate sales, and go the extra mile to make our homes uniquely ours. Apparently the same goes for the artsy neighborhood of Neustadt Kunsthofpassage in Dresden, Germany. Designed by Christoph Roßner, Annette Paul, and Andre Tempel who all live in the building, the rain gutter house is truly a work of kinetic art bringing together rainfall and a complex system of rain gutters that weave in and out of one another on the buildings facade. The result is a musical symphony of sound everytime it rains, making the house one of the largest instruments and an awesome display of what a bit of creativity can create! Watch a video of the house in action after the jump!

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Edward Jeffrey Kriksciun

Portlander/Swede, Edward Jeffrey Kriksciun staged a wonderful show featuring paper cutouts at Portland’s tremendous space, Nationale, in 2009. In November of last year, he came back to Nationale to exhibit drawings and collage that give us an idea of what Saul Steinberg’s work might look like if he were still around.

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Christopher Gideon

Christopher Gideon’s work is an ongoing collection of exorcisms, casting out the fears, ideologies, and suppressed visions implanted by American Culture.  This expulsion is often expressed in imagery that’s as satirical as it is socially relevant.  He searches for concepts that have counteractive potential, where religious and political iconography are  reincarnated in the secular and mundane: unfolded boxes, bathroom tiles, and in this case, baseball cards. By extracting these symbols of ideology and placing them into foreign contexts, they become self-deprecating and defeated.

Wyatt Grant’s elusive narratives


I have been a close friend of Chicago-based artist Wyatt Grant since we studied together at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he blew me away with his 20+ layer screen prints on fabric. He graduated this past May with me, having worked fluidly between sculpture, print media, and painting. His works fuse a personal alphabet with a warm, dedicated aesthetic that is consistent throughout all of his work, both abstract and representational. The works have a rose-tinted magical realism to them, a narrative that is both specific and achingly mysterious. Wyatt is also a musician, producing shoegaze-y acoustic tunes studded with electronic loops under the name Pool Holograph.  More after the jump.


Barbie As Famous Works Of Art

Johannes Vermeer ,“La Jeune Fille à la Perle”

Jocelyne Grivaud reinvents Barbie as famous works of art and cultural icons throughout the ages.

“This design needed time to take root, as often. The whole story began one day, in November 1967, with a present, all tenderness.

It was pink, vaporous and extremely delicate. With the patience of an angel, my mother had secretly knitted a dressing gown and tiny bootees for my Barbie. It seems to me there were more clothes, but these bootees, with their little pink knots on top totally fascinated me.
Then I grew up. The doll vanished, but I kept in mind the elegance and grace of my Barbie as well as a little bootee deep down my secret box.
One day, the idea of extending the happy part of my childhood through pictures I love took shape. Barbie is often criticized for being too blonde, too superficial, too skinny,  too “ideal marketing”, too “this” and too “that”…. My aim was to adjust this so famous profile to different emblematic representations.

Here’s my personal contribution as a birthday present to my mascot, Barbie, superimposed on the vision of artists whose work I greatly appreciate.
Let me thank them all for creating such intense pictures. Many thanks to Ruth Handler for creating this dolly model that enraptured me throughout my childhood.”

Noemie Goudal’s Alternative Landscapes

Paris born London based Noemie Goudal‘s installation based photographs recreate rivers out of flowing fabric, bring large forests indoors, and transform a room into a cavernous hideout under the boardwalk.

Kira Leigh’s Depression Triggers

Kira Leigh‘s website comes with a warning: “Many pieces deal directly with the symptoms and sisters of depression and are therefore triggering.” While on the surface, Leigh’s work may seem fun and fantastical, it is also highly personal and psychological, addressing subjects of anxiety, body dysmorphia, life obstacles, and feminist issues. Taking inspiration from gaming culture, Leigh turns the escapist pastime on its head, creating a “surreal fictional gaming universe” in which she courageously battles her real-life demons through “a self-insert mage/ alchemist” named KUURA THE STRANGE. The result is a magical mystery tour through Leigh’s psyche, where the cute meets the grotesque in the form of distorted human figures and oozing intestinal forms, turning the often difficult parts of human experience into captivating, colorful adventures. 

Travis Stearns

Graphic Designer, Travis Stearn, is sporting a really nice portfolio of poster design work. I’m loving the kind of messed-up, digi-punk, aesthetic to his work. As platforms for creating digital artwork become more and more accessible, it is interesting to see how the aesthetics of “DIY” have potentially evolved from scissors-and-glue to photoshop-and-MSpaint. Check out a compilation of our favorites after the jump!