Alexander Heaton’s Epic Stories

UK-based artist Alexander Heaton dives into the surreal and profound through a variety of mediums. His strong body of work stems from exploration and cultural awareness within small esoteric stories of myth and folklore of various European backgrounds.   Exotic dishes and their colorful representations give a small glimpse into the madness of the creative mind. More after the jump.

If you’ve ever seen something inspiring in the culinary bizarre-ness of foreign fair, or the-different-than-your-backyard flora and fauna, Alexander Heaton would and could relate. His paintings are these seemingly touch-and-go moments you experience during the chaotic time spent traveling. As you walk through his process, you sense the amazing and awesome pleasure of culture crashing, only slowed to a painterly hault – remembering the existential (and not the airport). Each specific piece comes with its own unique storyline as well as Google Geotag. Finish your Bauernschmaus, grab a hiking stick,  and look out for Rasselgeiß!

Special thanks to LAA.

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  • jor

    clean style, id like to see less triangles and geometry. we all know how to draw a triangle, why do people hop the triangle bandwagon.