Artist Interview: Rainer Hosch


Rainer Hosch is a commercial photographer who has shot brilliant portraits of everyone from the über-famous design star Philippe Starck to the shock maestro himself, John Waters.  But in his series entitled Tour de Monde, Rainer shot everything for himself. And so the pictures accompanying this interview aren’t editorials or ads, but rather a rare glimpse into what an awesome commercial photographer like Rainer Hosch sees through the viewfinder of his camera when he doesn’t have to worry about selling the end result.


How did Tour de Monde start?

Dedon’s marketing director approached me with an idea to travel around the world with their furniture. It wasn’t as literal as it sounded, we didn’t pack it on a truck and drive it around the world, but we did end up picking 8 different countries to visit. But out of that I ended up taking a bunch of personal shots, which became Tour de Monde.

Which countries did you travel to?

We went to Kenya, The Seychelles, New York, Mexico, Thailand, India, France, and South Africa.


What was your main camera for the shoot?

Cannon 5D MARK II

Did anyone try to steal it?

Believe it or not we didn’t have any bad experiences like that whatsoever. It always felt completely safe. I guess we were lucky.

Nice haha…Did you see any awesome animals in Kenya or Thailand?

In Kenya we were in a protected wildlife area, so we definitely saw some lions, zebras, and giraffes roaming the wild. And in Chiang Mai [Thailand] we photographed some elephants, but they were trained so it wasn’t like we were just walking through the jungle – that would’ve been a bit too dangerous.

So a lot of the shots were very controlled even though they seem like they’re not?

They weren’t really controllable since we were on safari in a jeep. And it only felt half-safe when the lions came up close to us. I kept thinking about how they could just jump on me, but I was sure that as long as we didn’t step onto the floor of the Serengeti we’d be fine. Needless to say, we were still a bit freaked out.


What was something funny that happened at one of the locations?

We did a shoot at Times Square in New York on a rainy, but beautiful, night…the rain tends to help the light reflect on the street. But, when we got back to the studio the chairs we had been photographing were missing because we had forgotten them back at the location.


Were you able to get them back?

No, the chairs were gone, somebody got lucky.


Of all the photographs you took on Tour de Monde, what’s your personal favorite?

I don’t think I have just one because I keep finding more and more of them to post on my site.



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