Aya Kato creates world for fans in Mr. Chiizu app


Aya Kato’s illustrations suck you into her world of star-crossed lovers, intergalactic space travel and art deco reverie on first contact. As a Beautiful/Decay cover artist on long since sold out Issue K, her posters, t-shirts and books have been amongst the most sought after the publication has produced.  We spot her Mermaid shirt on fans at least once a month. She recently teamed up with Mr. Chiizu, an artist’s decoration iPhone app that gives art and illustration lovers a chance to get inside works of their favorite artists. She was a natural choice for a Mr. Chiizu collaboration, giving fans a chance to step into her rich fantasy world. Her theme has been flying off the iTunes store shelves since its release earlier this week.



How old were you when you started drawing?

I have drawn pictures since I was a small kid.  I started to do full illustrations when I was 21 years old.

You can see Rococo and Art Deco influences in your work, what else inspires your work?

My influences are ukiyoe, comics, and animation. There were always around me since I was small, so they are a natural influence for me. They gave me the origin and the meaning describing a picture. My passion for drawing started with them.

How do your pieces begin? As sketches? On the computer? What is your process?

I draw a sketch first. Then I draw it in pen, then scan and finish a color on PC.

What projects are you working on right now?

I have participated in the TV commercial and advertising of HITACHI Environmental vision 2025. They began broadcasting it recently. Since  then I’m  working on several TV commercials, which will last until spring of next year.

And, Saganoaya chocolate for Valentine’s Day will be put on the market also in 2012. I drew all of these plans by the same theme. It is the world of the bloom of the earth, the universe, people that live there, and all their lives. The world of an earth symphony.

Who are some of your favourite illustrators and why?

Errol Le Cain, and Arthur Rackham. I learned how to make artwork with rich narratives from Errol Le Cain. I find Arthur Rackham’s lines very attractive, they seem to be flowing and alive. I feel the flow of  life from their work.

Recently you worked on your first iphone app with Mr.Chiizu. What was the inspiration for your themed pack?

My theme is the world of a fairy tale. The theme of “Wonderland” is all the world’s fairy tales wrapped in one. The illustrations are based on Red Riding Hood, Kaguyahime, Cinderella, Momotaro, Tanabata, and Peter Pan. I wanted people to get the feeling that you are travelling into a different world, into a fairy tale world,  and go play:-)

I would be glad if everyone played in my “Wonderland”.



Mr. Chiizu, the artist’s iPhone app, is available at get.mrchiizu.com and is on sale for the Holidays.

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  • Denyse Tessensohn

    Dear Aya Kato
    I am writing the biography of Errol Le Cain, with his family’s permission, and would be grateful to hear from you on how his art inspired and influenced your own art.
    His books have been reprinted in Japan – do you know if they are still enjoyed by children in Japan?
    Are Manga and Anime artists inspirerd by Errol Le Cain?
    Good wishes
    Denyse Tessensohn