Tonalis Luminous – Salvador Orara

Tonalis Luminous (also known as tink-tinks) is a new breed of tonal flowers discovered by sound artist, Salvador Orara. Sensitive to light, each flower has it’s own sonic personality and mood which requires careful attention. Check out a video of the Tonalis Luminous in action after the jump.

“Similar to how we water our plants and talk to them, the tonalis has a simple mode of interaction by controlling the amount of light each plant receives. Pruning individual tonalis can set the collective whole into a new rhythmic territory, only to have them sway back into its natural state or mood. Each mood has its own affordances of interaction, in this respect I also use the tonalis to explore the possibilities of having one simple mode of interaction controlling a large complex system of simple objects. The system requires active listening, where the pruner must be in constant attention of the tonal quality of the whole and each plant individually”

I can only imagine how loud a nursery full of these would be… Any plans on making a Tonalis farm, Orara? Be sure to check out the artist’s web site to learn more about the process and thinking behind this project.

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