Dan Gunn

Been hearing the name Dan Gunn a lot lately, and for good reason. I don’t just throw around the term”forward thinking”, and Gunn’s work embodies exactly that, a forward thinking approach to painting. Taking a constructed, material approach to making an image, Gunn offers up an array of abstraction through various modes of presentation. Gunn integrates common structures alongside notions of commercial display, found objects, and traditionally rooted painting techniques to concoct pieces that aren’t quite like anything I’ve seen before. How do you make something that is both indifferent and desirable? More images after the jump…

Gunn recently had a solo exibitions at  both Monique Meloche and the MCA as part of the 12 x 12 program, as well as a a group project at A+ D Gallery at Columbia College. Surfaces man, surfaces.

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  • Jan

    It’s really easy to make something indifferent and desirable. Those two attributes are most commonly found together. How do you make something needy and desirable would be a better question, but still an irrelevant one. But these are needy and impenetrable at the same time. The opposite of attractive, and really just tasteful and boring.