Next Day Flyers Presents: Boot Ritson’s Painted human sculpture Photographs

It’s hard to categorize the work of Boo Ritson. Is it photography, sculpture, painting or even performance. Boo creates ¬†photographs of figures doing all sorts of things from sitting on a park bench to sunbathing. But what makes Boo’s work remarkable isn’t just the formal qualities but her involved process of covering her subjects with head to toe “masks” of paint by literally painting on their clothes, face, and all their features. The result is a resurfacing of sorts of the subjects exterior, completely reimagining who they are, how they dress, and what they look like.


Presented by the 2012 calendar printing company, Next Day Flyers. Check them out for calendars, stickers and greeting cards perfect for the holiday season.










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  • Shasty

    this is actually really good