gwon osang’s 3D Photographs

Seoul, Korea based artist Gwon Osang’s work blurs the line between sculpture and photography by photographing a 360 view of figures and object and using the printed photographs to create a three dimensional sculpture. The result is slightly off -kilter figurative sculptures that are as arresting as they are strange.

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Diego Gravinese

Gorgeous and uncanny realism from Argentinian painter Diego Gravinese of snapshots that are turned into surreal moments of ecstasy and bizarre narratives.

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Dan Olsen

Dan Olsen is proof that the midwest (Toledo, OH) creates the most tripped out, bugged out, and amazing artists. I can stare at his humorous and surreal drawings  for days thinking that if I just squint my eyes a bit more I’ll unlock their epic psychedelic meaning and change my life forever. Also make sure to check out his equally bizarre collages after the jump.

Mathieu Lefevre

Mathieu Lefevre’s multidisciplinary practice, encompassing sculpture, painting, and photography use humor, irony and cynicism to test the fragility and the flexibility of the mediums he employs in his work.By seeking to rearrange and disrupt the relationships between viewer, creator, commodity and context his work raise questions as to what art can be, what it is worth and what is its role in a cultural and commercial framework.

Minimaforms’ Memory Cloud

For three nights the sky above Woodward Avenue in Detroit was filled with bellows of smoke and light as the artist studio Minimaforms transformed the Detroit Institute of Art into a transient light environment. The ephemeral clouds acted as smoke signals, each cloud carrying a unique message and story. Memory Cloud Detroit was a platform that offered the people of Detroit an opportunity to engage in a dialogue about the city. This interactive space animated the DIA Woodward entrance with stories collected from the public. During the two weeks leading up to the event, messages consisting of memories, stories and personal aspirations for the city of Detroit were collected and archived on-line at Voice Of Detroit. Each individual expression became a part of a continuous story about the city, a narrative written by participants over the duration of the project transforming the steps of the DIA into a dynamic space for communication. Audience members were also able to contribute messages via text-message during the performance each night. These collected text messages will be added to the Voice of Detroit archive, becoming part of an evolving diary and a voice that will speak of Detroit’s past, Detroit’s present and Detroit’s future. An archive of collected stories and documentation of three day performance will go live at Voice Of Detroit in the coming weeks.

Annemarie Busscher’s Magnified Portraits

Annemarie Busscher’s ultra realistic drawings are less about portraiture and more about the scientific research of the skins surface. Every bump, imperfection, blemish, wrinkle, and bits of uneven skin are documented in exquisite detail documenting humanities slow decay.

Oscar Bolton Green

I’m absolutely loving London based Oscar Bolton Green’s quirky illustrations of figures and objects set up in dense compositions.

Video Watch: Allison Schulnik’s Mound


Our good buddy and past B/D featured artist Allison Schulnik just released her latest animation titled Mound. Using over 100 puppets, 6,000 frames, and over a 100 days in the making this video is sure to please fans of animation as well as Allison’s signature gooped on thick paintings. Make sure to check out the Beautiful/Decay: Underdogs book which features Allison as the main featured artist complete with wrap around cover! Get your copy of the book here and watch the full video after the jump.