Mathieu Lefevre

Mathieu Lefevre’s multidisciplinary practice, encompassing sculpture, painting, and photography use humor, irony and cynicism to test the fragility and the flexibility of the mediums he employs in his work.By seeking to rearrange and disrupt the relationships between viewer, creator, commodity and context his work raise questions as to what art can be, what it is worth and what is its role in a cultural and commercial framework.


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  • for some reason, it reminds me of philip guston and i don’t know why. it also reminds me of allison schulnik and i do know why. i like the impasto pushing relief sculpture.

  • i think it’s the clunky thickness and the sense of humor that is reminiscent of Guston

  • Freddy B

    Something about this post’s failure to mention Lefevre’s untimely death only a few days prior seems somehow exploitative or predatory to me.

  • Hi Freddy,
    We’re sorry to hear that. We had no idea that he had passed. Not sure how we would have known about that but I’m a bit confused by why you would think we were exploiting the situation.