The art of Skinner is full of mullets, monsters and metal heads, not to mention the lurkers, samurai and lil’ devils. The self-proclaimed nerd for life takes inspiration from the world of fantasy, giving life to the dreams (or sometimes nightmares) of Slayer fans and Dungeon masters everywhere. The beautifully detailed works combine the aesthetics of street art, comic book illustrations, and something akin to black velvet paintings on acid. Each work has such an immense sense of epicness, it’s hard to not get caught up in the world created. And while many of the paintings and drawings convey infinitely complex scenes that you could look at for hours, Skinner also makes lighter works that are hard not to love, especially when they’re called things like Eternal Jamnation, and have a dark, glowing monster jamming on a guitar, surrounded by bats. It’s the kind of work that just oozes passion, because no one could make images so far from reality without being totally immersed in the process. It’s like a Metalocolypse Halloween episode 365 days a year. But, despite the awesome appearance of his work, Skinner is extremely introspective and self-critical, constantly challenging himself as an artist and working to create something completely innovative. His determination to return to a more childlike inspiration, a time when “it was just raw freedom, there were no expectations, there were no ideas of good or bad it was just being in the moment and trying [his] best to do something that looks good.”

About The Wet Paint Grants:

As long as there have been artists, there have been people who recognized that the innovation and creativity of truly unique individuals should be nurtured. Beautiful/Decay Magazine is very pleased to announce its collaboration with the CansonRoyal Talens family of art supply brands on the Wet Paint Grants project.

Canson, Royal Talens and Arches have been manufacturing the highest quality art materials that inspire artists for centuries. Likewise, artists have been playing a key role in development of products that they make at their own mills.

Most recently, Canson and Beautiful/Decay teamed up to choose eight artists in the United States, who exemplify a passion and commitment to their craft. Over each of the next eight weeks, Beautiful/Decay will announce a new recipient of the Wet Paint Grant. Each artist chosen will receive a year’s worth of art supplies from any of the Canson family of brands. We hope the generosity of these grants will help each artist to leave limitations behind and produce the work that compels them. While the outside support of artists is an integral part of Art history, above all we congratulate and thank the artists, who are the impetus to brands like Canson, Royal Talens and Arches to continue encouraging the arts.


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  • siani

    These people receiving these grants are all successful artists with gallery rep and I know for a fact what Skinner makes in a month or a season. This is not fair to many unknown and struggling artists that cannot afford supplies all the time, etc. I am confused by how this works.

  • Hi Siani,

    This isn’t about how much money someone makes but about rewarding artists based on the quality of their work. All the Canson Wet Paint Grant Recipients are emerging artists who are still working on their careers and establishing themselves.This should not be about how much money one artist makes. Furthermore having gallery representation does not mean that you are financially successful. Many artists with gallery representation still have to struggle with day jobs and work extremely long hours to make their work. We want to see the work of the Canson Wet Paint Grant Recipients grow and expand and thus have chosen to award them with materials to support their ongoing efforts. Please keep in mind that we are not a non-profit and unfortunately can’t give awards to everyone who needs them. Believe me we wish we could. Thanks for the support and we look forward to awarding many other deserving artists in the near future.

  • Skinner

    How could anyone know what I make? hahaha dude my life is a complete struggle…everyday is an unknown…I work ridiculously long hours just to stay ” relevant” and just to pay my mortgage…of a house I BUILT myself…to assume you know anything about what I make is totally an uneducated judgement on your part about me…If you want a grant you should work your ass off…thats what I did..much love to you on your journey into the spinal tappery that which is being a “professional” artist.