Kasia Domanska’s Summer Time

The slick and shiny paintings by Kasia Domanska of dreamy summertime beach fun makes me want to play hookie  and run off to Malibu for the day.

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  • polish dude

    this beach isn’t anywhere close to Malibu climate, it’s a beautiful polish seaside. I can tell by the colour of the sand 😉
    Nice work Kasia!

  • Polish dude. You are correct but Malibu is all I got. My other option is Venice beach but who wants to swim with a bunch of hippies. I’ll take malibu yuppies over dirty hippies any day.

  • amanda

    it looks like michigan beaches

  • Remy

    Sorry, english speaking zone citizens. This is tipical Polish beach from Wladyslawowo to Miedzyzdroje some good km of white sand. Szanowna Pani jest Pani na mojje liscie prac do kolekcji.

  • Izabela

    Hi Remy, zazwyczaj nie jest jednak tak czysto jak na ostatnim obrazie;-)
    Stunning paintings!