Steven Riddle Featured In B/D Book: 6

Not only does Steven Riddle make bold and eye catching ┬ácollage work but he is also one of the featured artists in Beautiful/Decay :Future Perfect book. We can’t ruin all the fun and show you what Steven’s contribution to the book is but you can get your very own copy here at the B/D shop before it sells out!


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  • Fanboyee

    so is this contruction paper cut out stuff supposed to be the ill, or was this a dope kindergarten project with the round scissors. YOu know the ones I’m talking about, rounded so you wont stab anyone.

  • …so is that supposed to be sarcasm?

  • Fanboyee

    sarcasm about what, it being the ill or it being a kindergarten project. Cuz I dont know, I did tons of this disposalble stuff when young. My mom threw all this shit away to the trash on a weekly basis when I brought it home from school.

  • Congratulations Steven! I’m really digging the flowers. Looks SICK!!!