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Documentary Watch- Putting Back the Face into Typeface


Typographer, graphic designer and businessman Erik Spiekermann has created timeless, influential and, yes, Meta-physical work over the past three decades.

Next to founding MetaDesign and FontShop, the latter being the first ever digital distributor of fonts, and designing more instant classic typefaces than any other, he has been recognized as an outstanding expert internationally as a lecturer and professor.

Listen to the design genius talk about new visual languages, design processes, the analogies of music and typography, and why we need better client culture in this fantastic short documentary by our friends over at Gestalten. Watch the full video after the jump!

Tom Feiler’s Cinema

Tom Feiler’s photographs look like stills from your next favorite movie. Who doesn’t like a romantic comedy starring a giant food as the male lead?

Kylie Stillman Book Carvings

Kylie Stillman shreds, slices, and dices books to create carved works that function as sculpture, drawings, and installations.

Liu Bolin Is The Invisible Man

Chinese artist Liu Bolin doesn’t need to be in the spotlight at all times. He prefers to kick back and literally blend into his surroundings. Watch him as he disappears into piles of trash, various landscapes, and literally merges with buildings after the jump. 

Smuttgrinder – NSFW

At first glance I was like “wow these are nice little collages.” Then I realized why this artist calls himself Smuttgrinder.

Sandra Dieckmann’s Wild Kingdom

Looks like today might be all animal themed posts so lets take a look at the work of Sandra Dieckmann, a lovely German born, London based illustrator who creates pattern rich illustrations full of your favorite creatures from the wild.