alan powdrill’s Pipe Up

I personally am not a fan of pipes and think they should only be used by 110 year old pirates on their very last voyage of death to the Bermuda Triangle but I have to admit that Alan Powdrill’s Pipe Up series is fantastic. I just wonder if these ladies actually smoke pipes or if this is purely for our photographic pleasure.







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  • zeph

    oh. well i am not a fan of people who are not a fan of pipes. and i think such people should be used by 110 year old pirates on their last voyage to the Bermuda triangle.
    However, i also wondered the same thing. To me they all look sort of awkward with the pipes, like they arent used to holding them. so i think they are just posing, and are not real pipe smokerssssssssssssssssssss

  • the second last one is my favourite. that woman looks a little bit mad – red streak through fringe and look at her snake tattoo! I bet she is a pipe smoker.