Laurent Impeduglia’s Party

Not only does Belgium produce amazing french fries but they also have some extraordinary painters like Laurent Impeduglia. Laurent’s paintings are full off alternative worlds where castles are erected for paintings, crocodiles know how to party, and dooms day is celebrated like its 1999.

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  • These are getting really close to being really good. Passages are spot on, but then they are followed by a dash of weakness. Take all the good things in these and you have a truly successful painting.

  • scott

    what you call you clumsy, that’s what I call the painting, accidents are voluntary and mastered here, that’s what makes the painting alive, this is not a vulgar image platform …

  • Scott- I like these paintings in general, so I think you misunderstood what I am saying. And in no which way have I been vulgar. The clumsy elements are actually the parts that I like, it is the less thoughtful parts that I question. An example would be in the big black chaos in the 4th and last painting. They lack intention in the paint strokes. To me it is very rare that an artist masters all the elements in a single paintings. My comments are not meant to slight the artist, but yet to be a constructive comment on what I see.

  • Well, first, such as a Belgian I would tell “french fries” BELGIAN fries 🙂
    Feelin’ like everything we do are stolen by bigger than us :s *@$^µm=:;!!!

    I know this guy and I can say that I feel he’s only at the beginning of his carrer.

    The chaos make me feel like “he’s trying to find a “new” idea in this world that put him under presure. Can see the “ready to die world” with all the factories, stupid cartoons,.. and I don’t like this feeling cause it’s result of our real reality.