Animals Killed In The Name Of Art

In 2004 TINKEBELL. made a purse out of her dearest cat Pinkeltje. Pinkeltje was a ‘depressed cat’ who couldnt be left at home alone. By killing her and making her into a purse, TINKEBELL. could carry her always with her.

The extensive attention to her project ‘My dearest cat Pinkeltje’ received from activists and the media demonstrates that this approach certainly meets with its share of resistance. In this project, she killed her cat with own hands and then had it stuffed and made into a hand bag as a product for consumption, thereby directly bridging the gap between house pet and animal for consumption/production and thus painfully bringing the matter to light. A collection of the threats generated by this and other projects was later published in the book ‘Dearest TINKEBELL

As a life long vegan and animal lover I have been struggling with whether I should post the work of TINKEBELL. Not only do I find the work in terrible taste but I generally don’t like to promote work that involves killing of any kind. However I think this work brings up some interesting questions about what can be considered art and how we define animal cruelty as well as our distinctions between animals that are killed everyday for food, clothing, accessories, and even art (leather) and what animals we wouldn’t dare touch because we have grown to live with them as pets and companions. How do we justify slaughtering millions of cows for Louis Vuitton purses yet get bent out of shape when someone turns a cat into a purse. If I had it my way neither would ever happen but I find it hard to justify one without the other. So what do you think? Is this art and how do we draw distinctions between one animal over the other?

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  • L

    Sorry, but food is more important than art. We domesticated cats for the purpose of serving as pets. We have a responsibility not to decide they’re “depressed” and then kill them with your own hands. If your pet is ill, have it euthanized. If your pet seems unhappy, try to fix it, or find it a new home. This just seems like an idiotic stunt meant to shock for attention. By posting this, you’re giving her the attention she clearly craves. There’s not anything impressively artistic about a photo of a woman smiling and holding her cat’s pelt. It’s just sick.

  • when the aliens are done observing us human kind is fucked

  • she KILLED her OWN cat with her OWN hands? that’s fucked, bro.

  • Cat Face

    It remind me of that when my kitty died of renal failure yea ago, my dad try to lighten up the situation by tell me that maybe I should eat her so she can “live with me forever” as a joke. Certain gross to eat a dead kitty (from an athrocentric perspective), but hypothetically if I really did that (which will never happen), her protein will will be with me forever.
    On the same token, if Pinkeltje just died and Tinkerbell buried her, the cat will just get absorbed by earth and many years later Tinkerbell will have trouble to remember her cat’s face and always have to go look at the picture, but with Pinkltje now turned into purse Tinkerbell can always have an active memoir of her cat.
    Now let just pray she did’t actively kill the kitty.

  • The piece / pieces are unattractive and do not serve as any kind of Victorian memento mori of a loved one. Her work is juvenile and she is obviously seeking a short cut to celebrity. The stunt reminds me of the artist who tied up a homeless dog and let it starve to death in the gallery as he thought it presumably would in the “wild”. His intent was to bring attention to animal cruelty and neglect in his country, but again these means do not help the issue. I really enjoyed Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel, “Eating Animals”. It brought up the issues that you inject into her work much more eloquently (than the artist) and has made me much more aware of how my personal choices affect my environment.

  • This is just very wrong to kill anything. I think livestocks is nothing to compare to the cats. By the way go vegetarian bro.

  • the post has awoken!
    wait… plants aren’t alive?

  • Ja9

    It is clear that this sick vile evil individual is mentally unstable. Why would any sane person do this and think it perfectly alright? This girl needs to be taught a lesson. She needs help. Who is next on her agenda a 3yr old child? Because this is how it starts. You read the horror stories and these murderers start their obsession with killing animals for fun. Which is what she is doing. She has no feeling or consideration for what she has done. Her eyes are dead to me. She needs locking up in a strait jacket with the key throwing away. Wonder what her parents make of this? And the place that allows her vilations to be displayed is adding to the insult of what she does. SICK VERY SICK!!!!!!

  • ha

  • Ja9

    Ha? What is so funny? I do not see this as being funny, you must be in the same place as whats her face is.

  • ha>”this girl needs to be taught a lesson”
    try not to cast judgement JA9… if thats your real name. HA

  • Ja9

    taught a lesson as in she needs prosecuting for this!
    And I cast judgement on what I see. And what I see is some deranged idiot displaying cruelty to animals.And calling it art.My name is how it looks.

  • Ben

    Animals are animals, saying a cat is more sentient than a cow is silliness, we simply use them for our needs, hence the idea of domesticting animals. If you don’t believe in animal cruelty, than maybe you shouldn’t “keep” pets “hostage” since this is just another form manner in which we control a subservient species.

    FYI, once an animal is dead, it ceases to be animal, kinda like humans,,,

  • Amy gee

    What a silly cow, u don’t have an artistic bone in ur body. I’d like to c if c could draw or sculpt a cat….. LOL I feel so sorry for you .

  • knolly

    Why are insane people allowed to do this.

  • this is sick! Why dosent tinkerbell get arrested????? How could a person kill their OWN pet when it was perfectly healthy and call it art!??!!?
    This girl has a real sick and evil stroke in her!!!!

  • Do not promote this! This so called artist is demonic and mentally ill and should be put away, far away from innocent animals she can harm!!! It’s not ART when it involves the murder of innocent sensate beings!!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY. This woman is just another pitiful person like Lady Gaga who justifies using dead animals by pretending they’re “art”!!! I’m physically ill seeing these grisley images!!!

  • george vonsteene

    where does this woman live i want to do her bodily harm

  • Drkraven

    You horrible woman… Whats next children with anxiety?? Oh nooo your ass will be on death row… Why u are not arrested i have no clue.. And this is not art its stupidity an lunatic dont quit your day job. (And the purse is hideous)

  • Susan

    You my love are one fucking sick bitch.

  • Heather Rhine

    i’ll tell you how you justify it, you get bent out of shape by all of it!!!

  • cleo

    The issue here is not even that it’s a cat (after all, we do kill other animals for their skin) although it is uncommon business in Europe, but what makes me sick (the most) is that she killed her OWN cat! When you take an animal in your home, you are responsible for its wellbeing – it’s not the same as killing a cow that was raised to be a ‘product’. I think she should receive a very heavy fine for killing a pet. Furthermore, I think that if you are able to kill your pet and be happy about it, you have some serious mental issues that need to be looked at.

  • Fernanda Nascimento da Silva

    Why she’s not detained by police??? This slut is a psycho, what she calls art is pure shit and sickness! She disgust me! That’s not art! Your art is shit!