Awesome Video Of The Day: Columbus-Hubble


I don’t know what the weather is like where you’re at but it’s officially beach weather in sunny California. It’s been so hot that even gramps is tossing on his bathing suit, putting on the coppertone, and blasting the jams at the beach. Don’t believe me? Just watch this video by Columbus after the jump and see for yourself!

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Nathan Carter’s Mobiles

Nathan Carter’s sculptures and drawings are certainly indebted to Alexander Calder but bring a modern twist to create colorful mobiles that reference abstract painting and and scatter sculptures all at once.

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Scott Move’s Art, Illustration, & Doom

Scott Move’s illustrations fit somewhere between tatoo flash, religious manuscript illustrations, and deathmetal t-shirt graphics.

Anarchy Alchemy

Franz Thues and Dirk König AKA Anarchy Alchemy are two art directors based in Düsseldorf, Germany. They make pictures harnessing the magic of generative design. All of their illustrations are generated by programs they write for each specific illustration series, allowing them to create a potentially endless stream of pictures on the press of a button.

Awesome Video Of The Day: Origin Of The Beginning

Levi Van Veluw’s eerie Origin Of The Beginning installation draws from his own childhood memories to thematically and narratively develop his own brand of self-portraiture. Creating 3 “rooms” covered with more than 30,000 wooden blocks, balls and slats the spaces feel both like wooden prison cells and as metaphosr for the artists darkest memories. Watch a video of the installation after the jump.

Andrea Myers

Andrea Myers sculptures made out of fabric and torn paper collages are dense layered works full of texture and rainbow bright color schemes.