Nikki Rosato

Pittsburgh artist Nikki Rosato creates delicate sculptures from carefully dissected street maps, the roads and waterways creating a paper mesh resembling veins and arteries. See more of this sculpture and some of her 2D work after the jump.

Contributed by Colossal.

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  • yohji

    Hmmm… I read a book , where a young boy does the same thing. It was some kind of coming to age novel, I read when I was 15 or something. Sadly I cant remember the titel. I mean the idea is not something hard to think of so maybe you cant talk about rip off, but for me its strange to look at these after reading that book. Maybe someone knows the title.
    (Sorry Im not used to write in english)

  • yohji

    I found the book it’s “It’s a Kind Of A Funny Story” by Ned Vizzini.
    Now looking at the cover again it looks pretty diffrent, but it was the first thing coming to my head. I read it 5 years ago, so I’m sorry if I over exaggerated.