Awesome Video Of The Day: Running on Seeds Ai Weiwei Protest at Tate Modern


On May 1st  three american art students decided to jump the barriers surrounding Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds piece at the Tate modern’s Turbine hall. This action was in protest against the barrier, against the original intentions of the work being inhibited by health and safety (originally museum visitors were to walk on the seeds), to support the release of Ai Weiwei by the Chinese government, and promote freedom of speech and art. The biggest surprise in the video comes when dozens of other museum members joined the three students in a spontaneous group protest. Now that’s power to the people! Watch the full video after the jump!

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  • Cranky

    Kind of dumb considering WHY we aren’t supposed to walk or run on the installation. (Toxic dust.)

    The chick who ran through it naked was the best statement if any of this is to be considered. But stomping on art and ruining it isn’t really going to get through to China.