McDonalds X Graffiti- A One Sided Collaboration

Apparently McDonalds is embracing graffiti with full force and using it as part of their greasy interior decoration. This is only happening in France and Japan so far but  if we’re lucky we’ll have some graffiti wallpaper in the Boise Idaho stores in no time. What’s worse than graffiti in the crappiest fast food spot on earth you ask? Graffiti in the crappiest fast food spot on earth being used without the artists permission or compensation. Sure the graffiti writers didn’t ask for permission to paint your city streets but something about this just doesn’t feel right. Next thing you know we’re going to be eating  a McBansky or a Space Invader fries. What do you think? Should the artists get compensated or can Mcdees do as they please?

Read more background info about McDonalds graffiti campaign after the jump.

Jake Dobkin shares some more about this story….

“There’s a weird story behind this. Basically McDonalds used some pix from one of Hugo Martinez’s books without permission. So he got pretty upset- but when he called, it turned out that they had actually licensed the pix from the French publisher of the book- only it turned out that the French version of the book didn’t have any reprint rights. So Hugo forced McDonalds to pay him and the photographers whose pix got used some money- it worked out to about $800 per image. I’m pretty sure the Revs/Cost is a blowup of one of my pix, b/c they sent me a check.

I’m not sure if Hugo paid any money to the artists pictured in each photo. My feeling is that if I make money off a picture of a piece, the artist is due 50%. This has only come up once or twice (streetart photography generally doesn’t pay!) But so far, neither Revs nor Cost has come asking for their $200/each.”

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  • McDonalds can shell out more than $800 for that one would think. And Boise, Idaho will never get graffiti anything.

  • This is scary. Watch out graf artists.