Awesome Video Of The Day: Arctic Light

Sine I posted Tiina Itkonen‘s photographs of Greenland earlier in the day it only seemed right to keep the nature lovefest going with this epic video of  the arctic light in the Archipelago Lofoten in Norway. Watch the full epic video and read the first hand account of this natural wonder from photographer Mr.TSO after the jump!

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Next Day Flyers Presents: Kike Besada

Kike Besada’s layered posters and illustration perfectly combine digital illustration and vintage paper collage to create imagery that is contemporary yet has a dash of antiquity tossed in for good measure.


Kike Besada is presented by Next Day Flyers who make poster printing easy and affordable. For fast postcard printing services, order online.

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Lorri Ott

Lorri Ott’s experimental paintings combine unconventional materials such as poured plastics and fibers to create paintings that are fluid both in composition and material.

Tiina Itkonen’s Greenland

An amazing photography project by Tiina Itkonen about his trips to Greenland. Here is a description of the project in the artist’s own words: Since the beginning of the 1990s, I have been searching for my own Ultima Thule, my place in the Far North. I was enchanted by the story of the Mother of the Sea and, in 1995, it inspired me to set off for the place where the story originated in Greenland. The lack of haste, the friendliness of the people and the silence of the glaciers compelled me to return to Greenland in 1998, 2002, 2005 and 2006.


Happy Memorial Day!

The team at Beautiful/Decay wishes the entire Cult Of Decay a happy Memorial Day. We hope that all of you enjoy a much deserved break from the daily grind and spend the day relaxing, maxing, and eating too much food. We’re taking a break from blogging ourselves but no need to worry faithful B/D reader. That’s not our headquarters burning down in the background. We’ve just decided to enjoy a bit of California sunshine and spend the day outdoors behind the grill. We’ll be back tomorrow with piles of new art and design from around the world to keep you informed and inspired!


B/D Book:6- Future Perfect Sneak Peak

At last a preview sample of our highly anticipated Future Perfect book has arrived! B/D teamed up with Toyota Prius Projects for Bool:6 to bring you a month long competition to find the best up and coming artists in the US. After receiving 300+ entries we narrowed it down to just 100 lucky creatives whose works will appear in book. We can’t release any official photos of the book just yet but I thought it might be fun to tease you all with a few phone pics. Remember that all B/D books are limited edition and sell out (Want proof? Check out the banner on the right of the screen. Book: 5 sold out in just over a week!). Make sure to Subscribe to reserve your copy of Beautiful/Decay Book: 6 today!