Houdini: Art And Magic

The Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles has not one, but two very appealing magic-related exhibitions opening April 28. The first, Houdini: Art and Magic, travels to us from New York. Featuring tons of Houdini-ana, the exhibition looks not only at the historical Harry Houdini, but also at his enduring legacy. To that end, the exhibition includes a number of artworks by contemporary artists inspired by the Houdini legend, including such luminaries as Matthew Barney, Petah Coyne, Vik Muniz and Raymond Pettibon. The Skirball has created a second exhibition to give context to Houdini. This is called Masters of Illusion: Jewish Magicians of the Golden Age, and it focuses on Houdini’s predecessors, colleagues and competitors in both Europe and the US, focusing on the years 1875 to 1948. The exhibition examines more than 40 fascinating careers, largely forgotten, and contains many outstanding objects, all displayed in “period” environments meant to evoke vaudeville stages, Victorian magic parlors and the like. Both exhibitions feature vintage photography, gorgeous promotional ephemera, original props and costumes, and rare documents, and Masters of Illusion includes four renowned automata.

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Dyna Moe’s Hipster Animals

Dyna Moe brings us a grouping of hilarious illustrations about one of the worlds most overused word, Hipsters! It’s frightening how dead on all these drawings are. I know a real life version of every single illustration and I have to admit that all the cliche’s are sadly true. Take a peak at the full range of Animal hipsters after the jump and see if you can find your match!

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Jen Stark’s Cosmic Trips

These videos are a bit old but I thought you would enjoy these three trippy videos by cut paper artist Jen Stark.

Watch all three after the jump.

Alisa Ochoa’s Psychedelic Test Patterns

Alisa Ochoa’s paintings look like a kaleidoscopic world full of patterns, textures, and surreal happenings.

Korehiko Hino’s Buggin Out

Korehiko Hino’s paintings and drawings of bug-eyed  figures remind me sci-fi movies where aliens come down and put humans under a trance right before they probe them.  They are frozen in time, with no clues of whether they are about to die or if they are in an eternal state of euphoria.

Tara Tucker’s Wild Animals

Tara Tucker’s meticulously rendered drawings portray bizarre yet realistic hybrid creatures from a future animal kingdom, free from the fetters of human intervention.

Artwork Of The Day: Jocelyn Hobbie’s Acadia

I love the vintage look of Jocelyn Hobbie’s paintings. It’s almost like pinup girls from tattoo flash came to life! I could see these turning into a beautiful collection of vintage themed postcards or a set of prints.

Emilie Björk’s Mystery Portraits

Emilie Björk is a young photographer working in Sweden. Her photographs are spooky  images of mysterious youth and ghostly figures.