Knitted Street Interventions

There’s nothing like having a ladies touch when it comes to street art. Case in point, the work of paris based ¬†Juliana Santacruz Herrera. Juliana fills in potholes and cracks in the cities streets with yarn and knitted piles of colorful material. It’s as if the ground has cracked open to reveal an alternative psychedelic world full of color and wonder.


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  • really awesome. that’s not yarn or knitting though as far as i can tell. Looks like braided fabric that was coiled into the spaces.

  • ursonate, You’re lucky i called it yarn or knitting. At first i thought it was colored spaghetti!

  • its not cool. its spilled out yarn. its not that good.

  • Slavik

    Some people have nothing to do.

  • string story

    great idea though it feels like it strong resembles another artist who fills in gaps of buildings using legos.